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Forte group exists to connect the finest luxury decorative kitchen and bath vendors and retailers, and ultimately, their customers.


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Forte Group meaningfully connects the very best luxury decorative kitchen and bathroom vendors and retailers, all while ultimately connecting them with the right customers. Since 2001, Forte Group has been recognized as the go to for the luxury decorative market, and our business model is ever more focused on building, supporting, and enhancing valuable connections and relationships that sweeten margins and provide real solutions to grow and scale businesses.

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You are looking to display and sell best-in-class products, sweeten your margins, and form valuable connections that grow your business.

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You are seeking digital and physical visibility with the best-in-market retailers and industry leaders, and partner to propel you.

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Find a Forte Group retailer near you to set up a consultation or browse beautiful and functional kitchen and bath decor and plumbing.